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Preventive periodontal care for tooth loss and tissue defects solution for dental implants


A new approach.

A versatile personalized solution for prevention, maintenance and treatment of oral and maxillofacial disorders/defects providing smarter tissue reconstruction.

Oral Health, reinvented.

Innovative minimally invasive injectable regenerative cocktail

Natural biominetic extracellular matrix

Strontium Alginate Solution

Decellularized Human Fetal
Membranes Regenerative Factors

When implanted, the biomaterial layer in contact with bone will offer structural support while providing a temporary scaffold onto which new bone  and  soft tissue can grow.
Biomimetic adaptation of simultaneously bone and soft tissue regeneration

Care Givers

By using the I-R3THERAPIES, on your health care practice you can care for your patient even if you have a busy life and not much time every day. Therefore, you will save time and reduce stress. Also, you will have more success of your treatments and new professional opportunities to explore.  

Care Receivers

Your patients will be able to live a better surgical experience, independently of the procedure. Speed up patient recovery. Increase their satisfaction, attractiveness and results.
As experts we want to recommend the best options for improving your regenerative surgical procedures/techniques. Get a professional and personalized plan comfortably and quickly.

Our Commitment - safety. Our value - efficacy. Our challenge - results. Our reward - your satisfaction

Rodrigo Val d’Oleiros e Silva - DMD, MDS
Research Scientist

Dental medical doctor with experience in oral surgery and oral rehabilitation alongside with expertise in oral & maxillofacial tissue regeneration. During his integrated Master in Dental Sciences (FMDUP), he enrolled several advanced training in implantology and oral rehabilitation, alongside with a graduation period in São Paulo University (FO-USP). Rodrigo has advanced courses in stem cells and morphogenesis by the Curie Institute, Paris and in organoids and advanced 3D models in vitro for research in health and diseases by i3S (Institute for Research and Innovation in Health), Porto. Rodrigo is also a research and his principal areas of research interest are biomaterials, stem cell biology, development biology, evolution, organogenesis and tissue regeneration. Rodrigo is a PhD student investigator at the i3S (Institute for Research and Innovation in Health) & INEB (Institute of Biomedical Engineering), University of Porto), focusing in understanding the key biological mechanisms in health and disease, significant in regenerative medicine, tissue and organ bioengineer considering development biology, regarding specie evolution, from stem cells to morphogenesis. Highly motivated researcher with permanent curiosity for knowledge. Excellent communicator who consistently maintains high standards of professionalism and works well on diverse teams. In 2019, Rodrigo won the European Innovation Academy, a recognized leader in tech entrepreneurship education, from the world’s top institutions; to include Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley, Google and Silicon Valley. Rodrigo work as a representative student of Research and Innovation of Porto University in the European project - European University Alliance for Global Health. Rodrigo has also advanced training in entrepreneurship by NOVA School of Business and Economics, Lisbon, Portugal, and from Entrepreneurship and Technology Course by the Sutardja Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology, Berkeley Engineering, U. C. Berkeley, California, USA.

Maria Cristina Ribeiro - PhD
Project Leader I-R3THERAPIES

Degree in Metallurgical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) followed by a master in Materials Engineering (FEUP) and a PhD in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (FEUP). Researcher at INEB since its foundation (1989), at present in the Microenvironments for New Therapies group, and of I3S. Member of the board of directors of INEB (since December 2012), adjunct professor at the School of Engineering-Polytechnic Institute of Porto (ISEP), Director of the course degree of Computing Engineering and Medical Instrumentation at ISEP (since June 2007), effective member of Pedagogic Council of ISEP (since July 2014) and Director of the course degree of Biomedical Engineering at ISEP (since september 2016). Main areas of research are biomaterials, particularly injectable and delivery systems for bone regeneration, biomimetic materials and vibrational spectroscopy techniques. Cristina work is also dedicated to bioengineering matrix-inspired biomaterials that modulate the inflammatory response, including hierarchically designed matrices and nanocomplexes for tissue regeneration and cancer. The team also explores the crosstalk between immune cells and other tissue cells in the context of cell/biomaterial interactions. She participated in several research projects, two as a leader, has many publications in biomaterials science and supervised several scientific works.

Joana Caldeira - PhD
Research Scientist I-R3THERAPIES

In 2005, Joana Caldeira graduated in Microbiology at the Biotechnology College of the Portuguese Catholic University and in 2011 got her PhD in Biomedicine (Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto). After finishing university, she went to Centro Andaluz de Biologia del Desarrollo (Seville, Spain) where she worked as a research assistant for almost one year. She started her PhD thesis there, in a collaboration between Dr. Fernando Casares´ and Dr. Raquel Serucas lab. During this period, Joanas main focus was oncobiology, using Drosophila as an animal model to study novel genes involved in Gastric Cancer. In 2012, she joined INEB in a collaboration between Prof. Mário Barbosa and her former supervisor Dr. Raquel Seruca. Since then, she has been interested in understanding the role of the extracellular matrix (both in cancer and in regeneration) and exploring the way it can be manipulated to recapitulate initial developmental stages, improving current regenerative therapies, namely of intervertebral disc disease. In 2018 Joana has received funding from EUROSPINE and has been awarded the L'Oréal Portugal Medal of Honor for Women in Science 2018. Besides supervising national and international MSc and PhD theses she has participated in several science communication initiatives either as a mentor, project coordinator or collaborator. Currently, Joana is also the chair of the i3S Fundraising Team.

Cláudia Ribeiro Machado - MSc
Research Scientist I-R3THERAPIES

Cláudia graduated in Pathologic, Cytological and Thanatological Anatomy, at School of Allied Health, from Polytechnic Institute of Porto (2015). During this time, she enrolled in several curricular internships in a hospitalar environment (CHSJ, HPH, CHUC), acquiring competences in histology, human anatomy, molecular biology and pathology. In 2019, she obtained her Master degree in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics applied to Health, where she did her master thesis in the proteomic profile of cellular response to biomaterials, for periodontal tissue regeneration, under the supervision of Doctor Cristina Ribeiro and Doctor Joana Caldeira at i3S. She acquired competences in bioimage and bioinformatic analysis and statistics. Since 2016 she is a Research Technician at INEB/i3S.

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